Bodybuilding Vitamins

If you want to get ripped quicker then use bodybuilding vitamins and supplements.

The common misinterpretation of this is that bodybuilders use steroids.

As in anabolic steroids.

Some bodybuilders do and it was all the rage once but sensible bodybuilders don’t, and as a choice, I wouldn’t either, and I wouldn’t recommend them.

Man, I got put on medical steroids once by my doctor to “help” a condition I have and I ended up looking like the stay puft marshmallow man and needed a pee every hour!!

That Sucked BIG TIME!

Bodybuilding vitamins and properly researched bodybuilding supplements are another kettle of fish all together.

Bodybuilders do use vitamins and supplements in their diets to increase the speed in which they build muscle.

In fact, these bodybuilding vitamins are an integral part of the bodybuilding process.

Bodybuilding Vitamins List

On the market today is a huge list of bodybuilding vitamins and supplements, and it can seem overwhelming at first.

Do a quick search online and you can find the recommended daily allowances of many vitamins and supplements.

But bear in mind that when bodybuilding, you tend to need more than the recommended daily allowance.

Here is a breakdown of some of the more important vitamins for bodybuilders.

Vitamin C

Your immune system needs this to thrive, but vitamin c is also a vital vitamin to aid bone growth and formation.

It is also a great antioxidant and provides you with your energy.

Bodybuilding vitamins are available in tablet form, or you can get vitamin C from tomatoes, peppers, strawberries,cabbage or broccoli.bodybuilding vitamins

Vitamin B’s

There are lots of Vitamin Bs, and they are all vital when bodybuilding, especially the 3 B vitamins.



Vitamin B1:

Aids the body in getting as much energy as possible out of the carbohydrates that you have in your meals

Vitamin B2:

This is important for breaking down processes of fats, carbohydrates and protein, and it is also great for your skin.

Vitamin B3:

Assists the body’s digestive system and is a great vitamin for producing energy and looking after your nervous system.

You can get vitamin B’s from foods like chicken, liver, milk, sunflower seeds, and oily fish such as tuna.

Vitamin D

This vitamin you can get straight from the sun’s UV rays, but obviously it is not recommended to stay out in the sun for a long time due to other nasty side effects UV rays can give you. bodybuilding vitamins

Saying that though, vitamin D is used by the body to absorb calcium which it needs to make your bones strong.

You can get this vitamin by eating eggs, drinking milk and some seafood like salmon or prawns.

Vitamin E

Another great antioxidant which helps the flow of blood through your body. This vitamin also increases the overall health of your immune system and aids in tissue repair.

You can get this from spinach (Popeye) :), olives and nuts like almonds.


It is important to do your research and only buy supplements and bodybuilding vitamins from reputable companies.

Remember, eating proper foods for the nutrition you need, AND having supplements in your diet, is a very important part of bodybuilding.

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