The Link Between Hypothyroidism and Sugar Consumption


Is there a link between hypothyroidism and sugar consumption? No one is sure of the precise causes of hypothyroidism, but one factor that affects our health in a significant way is our diet and nutrition.

We are what we eat, so a diet rich in nutrients will help us keep our body and immune system healthy.

One of the main recommendations with regard to diet is to steer clear of refined foods such as white flour and white sugar, and products made from them such as cake, cookies and white bread.

Granulated sugar has been called “white death” by some scientists and researchers due to what they have discovered are its harmful effects on the body.

Four of the most obvious, which are linked together, are autoimmune disorders such as type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, inflammation, and metabolic syndrome.

Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune disorders are a result of the body attacking itself.

In the case of hypothyroidism, the most common reason for it in the US is autoimmune thyroiditis.

Those with other autoimmune disorders such as diabetes are more likely to develop a slow thyroid as well.

Type 2 diabetes has been associated with eating too many sugary foods.


Sugar is also thought to have inflammatory properties in the body, causing persistent irritation. This irritation can lead to the body attacking itself.

Obesity and Hypothyroidism

Those who are obese tend to eat unhealthy foods, and/or have underlying issues with their metabolism.

Studies show an increased frequency of thyroid disorders in diabetics, and a higher prevalence of obesity and metabolic syndrome in people with thyroid disorders.

That’s because healthy thyroid function relies on keeping blood sugar (A1C) in a normal range, and vice versa.

Keeping your A1C levels within a normal range requires a healthy thyroid.

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is defined as a group of metabolic risk factors.

Three or more appearing in the same person is a precursor of pre-diabetes and diabetes.

The symptoms of metabolic syndrome include:

* High cholesterol
* High triglycerides
* High blood pressure
* Insulin resistance
* Abdominal obesity, that is, excess weight around the middle of the body (a “spare tire”)

Metabolic syndrome is caused by chronic high blood sugar, which in turn is triggered by eating too many carbohydrates, including sugar.

Having said that, blood sugar being too low can also cause health issues.

As with all things in life, moderation is key.

Steer clear of sugar and all forms of sweetener, even healthy ones like honey.

Chances are you are getting more than enough in the complex carbs you eat regularly, such as cereal and whole grain bread, without putting it in your coffee.

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