Squeezing Spots-Right or Wrong?

squeezing spots

Squeezing spots can be both satisfying and gross, but should you ever squeeze your spots?

If you have ever had acne, chances are you’ve heard differing opinions on what actions to take to manage your breakouts. Ask most people and they’ll tell you that it’s perfectly fine to squeeze your spots. However, skincare specialists advise against this. Here are some reasons why you should avoid squeezing spots.

Squeezing Spots Could Cause Scarring

Sometimes, the pimple that you squeeze isn’t quite ready to pop. When you force a pimple to pop before it’s ready, you have to damage the skin in order to force out the clogged sebum and pus that may be inside. And, if this damage doesn’t heal properly, it can lead to the formation of a permanent scar.

While it is possible to treat these scars, it involves one of several invasive processes such as a chemical peel or dermabrasion. Keeping your hands away from breakouts will be worth it when you avoid procedures like these down the line.

Risk of Spreadingsqueezing spots

When you squeeze and pop your acne, you run the risk of spreading it to other pores on your skin. Infected or inflamed acne is caused by bacteria getting trapped in pores. When you pick at acne, you get this bacteria on your fingers and transfer it to other pores you touch. Not only that, bacteria can commonly be found on the surface of our skin and picking could open up new exposed areas for infection to take hold.

Breakouts May Linger

If left alone, a pimple will naturally heal itself within a week or so. However, if you decide to pop your blemishes there is a chance that it’ll take longer to heal. When you pop a pimple you potentially introduce more bacteria from your fingers to the infected spot, as well as irritate the area and cause more inflammation. Now, not only does your body have to heal the open sore, but it also has to fight off new bacteria and reduce any inflammation that occurred.

What’s the Alternative to squeezing spots then?

Rather than picking at acne marks, the best course of action is to let them heal on their own. While this may not seem like the fastest or most effective option, it is worth avoiding the dangers that could come with picking. There are many acne treatment products available on the market that can both minimize the appearance of acne and help to clear it up. While these products can take some time to work effectively, they can be very successful at combating acne.

Visiting a Doctor

If you don’t want to wait for acne to clear up, or if it’s not clearing up on its own, it may be time to visit a dermatologist. Not only can they provide a prescription for an antibiotic or topical acne treatment, they also have the tools necessary to pop pimples safely and effectively. They typically lance pimples with a sterile needle and remove the contents with a special extractor. Most importantly, they wear gloves and take great care not to spread any infection.

It may be hard to resist the temptation to pick at your pimples, but it’s worth it to avoid the risk of causing even more damage. Picking improperly could turn a couple days of dealing with a pimple into a scar that will last a lifetime. If that pimple absolutely does have to be popped, however, you should leave it to the pros.

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