How To Start A Weight Loss Plan

weight loss plan

Having a weight loss plan is essential when you want to start losing weight.

This article will show you how to create a weight loss plan and stick to it.

Haters Bringing You Down?

You are fed up of the name calling, and the disgusted looks that some people give you.

You find your weight embarrassing and you need to address this as soon as possible.

The classic temptation when starting a weight loss plan is to cut fat out of your diet immediately.

This is a mistake and I’ll tell you why.

Having fat in your diet is as important as having all the other good things in your diet, because the body needs fat.

You just don’t need a ton of it!!

For example: fat free crisps may have no fat in them, but due to this, they won’t make you feel full or satisfied as quickly as full fat crisps do.

So, the temptation to keep eating still remains.

It is way better to eat a smaller portion of good quality food that is high in fat like a chocolate bar, than to over indulge with large portions of low fat or no fat foods.

You will feel more full and satisfied, and you won’t feel you are missing out on your favourite snacks by feeling you have to say no to them.

This will also make you feel better psychologically as well!

Decide on a Weight Loss Plan

Many people agree that to start losing weight, you need a weight loss plan or something to stick to, to help you start dieting.

1) Making a list or just thinking about certain changes to make in your diet and then following it through will help you complete your weight loss goal.

2) Decide which foods you are going to keep in your diet and then keep a good supply of them.

3) Research local gyms for a price that suits your budget and time constraints.



Making simple little goals to help your weight loss is a great idea because after you complete these goals you will feel much better about yourself.


I’ve Lost Weight But Now I Can’t Seem To Continue!

Somewhere along the line in your weight loss plan you will get to a point where it seems you are not losing anymore weight.

This is a perfectly natural step so don’t feel disheartened! Remember, you’ve got this far so it must be working!

A good way to combat this is to try doing other workout routines for a bit and see if it makes a difference.

Start doing other routines that workout different muscles in your body and you may even see that you start to burn more
calories than your previous workouts did.

Whatever weight loss plan you decide to undertake, the real secret to success is making sure it is a realistic one and that you continue doing it.

With every plan to lose weight there is always another plan to keep weight off.

Sometimes a complete change of lifestyle is needed to accomplish this.

But don’t be scared of change, especially if it’s a change that will make you feel better and live longer!

At the beginning of your weight loss plan try to avoid the high impact, extreme workout programs.

These do look great and promise you the body of a god/goddess but they are not sustainable at the start.

Wait until you’ve already got into a routine and then progress to those types of fitness workouts.

Minimize Your Food Intake

One way that you will lose weight quickly is to not eat junk food straight from the packet.

Eating like this maximises the risk of eating the whole lot in one sitting.

Just put a few biscuits on a plate and put the rest away for another day.

Doing this you won’t feel like a pig but you should also save a bit of money too because you won’t need to keep replacing them every day, more like once a week.

Don’t give up before you have even begun. Start a weight loss plan today and just take it one day at a time.

Next read this article and see how anyone can start losing weight with this simple weight loss plan.

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  1. when it comes to healthy eating. i try to incorporate whole grains, fruits and vegetables into my meal plans as it gives me the sufficient nutrients that will keep me healthy. what kind of meal plans would you suggest?

    • Hi Carol with me its a little bit different when thinking about a diet plan. I have to watch what I eat due to having crohns. But saying that I tend to find that eating anything in moderation and not overdoing things helps me. I rarely eat my five a day simply because i don’t get hungry that much. A simple balance of healthy foods and occasional treats works for me.

  2. HATERS BRING YOU DOWN…. thats a big issue….. they like to say: just today.. no worries…
    im the hater in this case…. i dont like those behaviors..
    i also have a blog that you may like


  3. Diet supplements don’t work alone unless you mix it up with proper exercise.
    EVL Pre Workout Engine recently posted…Creatine HCL (Unflavored Powder) (60 Servings)My Profile

  4. i agree with the phrase With every weight loss plan theres weight off plan too. you need the direct motivation to continue the work. thankyou for your advices. hope to hear more from your side.
    Beth Martel recently posted…3 Most Comfortable Tennis Shoes Available in the MarketMy Profile

  5. Tim Johnson | 12/01/2017 at 1:22 pm | Reply

    Great points! I found that switching up my routine really helps a lot! It s hard to keep going when you hit that wall. It s never one thing that makes a difference, you should always combine.
    Tim Johnson recently posted…What is the Atkins Diet?My Profile

  6. 1st of all i think we should define the plan also! thanks for sharing.. i defined mine last week

  7. Hey,

    Great post.

    I completely agree with you that weight loss plan is essential.
    Anyone trying or thinking of losing weight should look the way of any weight loss plan that deals with balanced diet and healthy weight loss exercise.You have shared very useful tips.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Laura recently posted…Weight Loss Success with Ideal Protein at PROTECTMy Profile

  8. Hello
    I just want to share little tips on losing weight. If you really want to lose weight you just need to control on your mouth. Don’t eat too much. Don’t drink Alcohol and don’t eat fast food too much. and Drink More Water. Health and wellness articles and health and wellness tips

  9. My approach on weight loss is that you should take everything in moderation. I love how you have plainly put out all the issues that we tackle with on this weightloss journey. When people give me advice on oh don’t eat this oh don’t eat those my attitude is always like “excuse me were you saying something” because I know what my weight loss plan is and I know what and when I should take a particular food type. Plus who says we are prisoners to weight loss? sometime I just give myself some cheat moments…

  10. I think you forgot this point

    Each one of your meals should include a protein source, a fat source and vegetables.Constructing your meals in this way will automatically bring you to the lose of weight.

  11. I agree with be realistic! One step at a time. We don’t really need to get the results that fast. We need to build discipline not just for losing some weight but also to keep our body fit and healthy. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. By the way, do you think drinking lots of water and eating small amount of food every 2 hours is a good diet plan?

  12. Congratulations, I loved the site.

  13. I think this weight loss plan will work. I want to ask drinking hot water is good for weight loss plan.

    Mohan recently posted…सही समय पर पीरियड्स लाने के 10 नुस्खेMy Profile

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